Yoyogi Play room guidance

Private room in Yoyogi

When booked by phone, Immediately after the reservation is completedsend e-mailThanメール を 送信please.We will inform you about the details of the private room.Not required for online reservations.

If you can't email

About XNUMX minutes before the promised timeYoyogi StationAbout XNUMX minutes on footNatural lawsonPlease come to (next to the Maruman store)Call.

When coming from the West Exit of JR Yoyogi Station

When coming from JR Yoyogi Station

Exit the west exit, cross the scramble crossing towards FamilyMart, and continue straight ahead?A little over 100m from thereNatural lawson.

When coming from Yoyogi Station on the Oedo Line

When coming from Yoyogi Station on the Oedo Line

Take the A1 exit and go left, about 100m to the other sideNatural lawson.

Notes on using private rooms

  • Our shop is reservation only. Please make a reservation in advance.
  • Never come directly without a reservation
  • For consideration of condominium residentsEnter the entrance while talking on your mobile phonePlease do not do so.It's fine to call yourself over the intercom,Please refrain from further conversation