What is the feeling of prostate pleasure?

The first person seems to feel strange when putting a finger in anal. There are many people who feel urine because it stimulates the urethra in anal, but in most cases urine does not leak. If urine leaks, it ’s not urine,Man squirting"Is almost the case. In either case, not only urine will be accompanied by intense and mysterious pleasure.

Some people may feel a bit of a dull pain at first when stimulating a place in the anal near the prostate. However, if you step on the number of places, it will surely be overcome and will change into a strong pleasure. Of course I felt a strong pleasure from the beginningDry orgasm,Prostatic pollution with hands freeThere are many people who do.

The pleasure of prostate stimulation is like piercing the brainElectric shock-like pleasureI think it can be said. Unlike the pleasure that stimulates the penis, the waves of great pleasure rush over and over, never reaching the finish of ejaculation. that is【Dry orgasm】is. I think it's a woman's close sense.

Apart from that [Prostatic pollution with hands freeThere is also an orgasm. It is a phenomenon in which ejaculation is forced by the stimulation of the anal, and even if the therapist does not intend, it is caused by the structure of the recipient's body and the sensitivity in the anal. Because it ejaculates suddenly without any warning, it is difficult to avoid it by stopping. There is no doubt that it is far more comfortable than ejaculation with stimulation of normal penis, but it is difficult to greet waves of pleasure many times like dry orgasm, and after ejaculation it can enter `` sage time '' as well There are many.