Welcome to “Prostate’s Den Tokyo”. Masked therapist will provide “Prostate massage” and “Internal and external body massage” for gay men. Why don't you try to experience “Dry orgasm” or “Prostatic pollution with hands free“?

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16:00AM - 18:00PM
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T171cm 73kg
It feels good ...
Our Hope [Daichi-kun], who has recently emerged as a prominent figure, has a very high repeat rate, one ...
14:00AM - 22:00PM
Under reservation acceptance
T173cm 62kg
Nice to meet you, Haruki ...
"Haruki-kun", who is bright and serious but full of curiosity and motivation, is Keiji Kuroki of EXILE ...
Ken (42) update!
14:30AM - 16:30PM
19:30AM - 21:00PM
Under reservation acceptance
T178cm 75kg
Watching the man feel ...
It is the health of the sports association Aniki. At first glance it looks scary when wearing a mask, but the moment you meet ...

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Prostate Hall | Yoyogi Private Room Opened
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Most recent reviews
Ken Review to
2021th of February 6
It was my first experience with massage etc., but he treated me kindly and politely from beginning to end.In addition to the service I applied for, a little conversation and comics ...
Daiichi Review to
2021th of February 6
The technique of slowing and slowing is wonderful, and it keeps going from the middle.The talk and massage were great.
Kai Review to
2021th of February 6
They welcomed me kindly and comfortably.It's about the age difference between parents and children (laughs), but when they're erotic, they hug me many times, and when they're erotic, they're masculine and violent, and I keep panting all the time ...
Daiichi Review to
2021th of February 6
It was my first time, but my head turned white.
Ken Review to
2021th of February 6
It was my first shower and insertion, but he kindly led me from beginning to end.Even after I entered the store, I was still nervous, but KEN-sama's sadistic conversation made my heart and butt ...