Eight (34)


Name Eight
age 34
height 174cm
Blood Type AB
What is your character? Tolerant
Hobbies Piano, fishing
What about alcohol? 飲 ま な い
What about cigarettes? Do not smoke

Comments from the store

Insanely sincere and serious young man!A macho body, a sweet mask, and a lewd guy who gets an erection immediately with greed for sex.

The gentle and courteous customer service is also excellent in reliability.

A word from the therapist

It excites me to see her being blamed and feeling like a woman!

I would be happy if you could feel a lot better!
Eight Review to
June 14, 2024
I was nervous, so he gently helped me take off my clothes and held my hand as we led him to the shower, showing his kind consideration.

He had a good build, and with his big dick erect, he was full of eroticism as he attacked me here and there, so it was the best. I felt it so much.
Eight Review to
June 3, 2024
He was very attentive.

The contrast between playing and not playing was also good.

It felt good the whole time.
Eight Review to
June 30, 2024
It was good that the correspondence was very polite.
Eight Review to
June 19, 2024
Thank you for taking care of me from start to finish, such as constantly asking, ``Does it hurt?''
Eight Review to
June 19, 2024
Before the game, he was very gentlemanly and made me feel like a king, and during the game, he relentlessly attacked me within just the right range, making me feel like I couldn't understand why.
Eight Review to
June 17, 2024
It felt good to have the treatment done while being cared for.
Eight Review to
June 3, 2024
It was great!

Mr. Eight was very professional and made me feel relaxed in a pleasant atmosphere.

The inside of the store is clean and comfortable, making it the perfect place to refresh yourself. Definitely recommended!
Eight Review to
June 2, 2024
From start to finish, it was thorough, comfortable, and the best.
Eight Review to
June 21, 2024
He was more polite and kind than I expected, so I was relieved.
Eight Review to
June 21, 2024
The atmosphere created before it started was erotic.

I was able to be kind and pampered.

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