Toshi (32)


Type ・ Athletics system
Name Toshi
age 32
height 163cm
Weight 77kg

Comments from the store

[Toshi-kun], a stubborn guy, is a good-mannered and serious young man, contrary to the ruggedness of his body!

A cute handsome face with eyes that can be seen from the mask.At first impression, I thought it was similar to the actor Konishi when he was young.smiley I don't think young people know it, but please try google.It is the second orthodox piece of the actor's faceheart

Entrust yourself to his strong body like a male gorilla and feel at ease.I'm sure it will be healed.

A word from the therapist

Nice to meet you!
If you feel comfortable, I'll be insanely excited!
We will try to make you feel comfortable by enjoying and relaxing the extraordinary things that you do not usually taste!
I'm still studying, but I'll do my best so that I can entrust myself to it. Thank you.
Toshi Review to
Nov. 2023, 1
We were treated kindly from beginning to end.

I was able to leave myself to the development stage and had a great time.
Toshi Review to
Nov. 2023, 1
I was very satisfied with the treatment, which was done very carefully and comfortably.
Toshi Review to
Nov. 2022, 10
I was relieved of my anxiety by carefully explaining things that I usually don't ask anyone, such as my first shower enema, prostate, and knowledge of physical strength.

The conversation skill that draws out the pervertedness was also good.
Toshi Review to
Nov. 2022, 9
Easy to talk to and relieved tension.

Overall, I felt comfortable with the procedure.
Toshi Review to
Nov. 2022, 9
It was very nice to be able to relax my anal slowly.
Toshi Review to
Nov. 2022, 8
I was able to learn a lot in a simple way through careful lectures tailored to my experience.

The play was also slow and slow, and it was a skill that I thought was a professional.

It was a very satisfying experience.
Toshi Review to
Nov. 2022, 8
I was taken care of from beginning to end, and there was no unreasonable treatment, so I was able to leave myself.
Toshi Review to
Nov. 2022, 8
He was friendly, but he didn't talk too much, and the atmosphere was erotic.

The massage blamed me for the pleasant part, so my voice came out lol

The body was also erotic, and it felt good.
Toshi Review to
Nov. 2022, 6
I was very good at complimenting and was able to relax until the end.
Toshi Review to
Nov. 2022, 6
The therapist's gatai was good and cool.

I was excited to have him draw a masochist and blame me like S.


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