Nobuya (30)


Type ・ Athletics system
Name Nobuya
age 30
height 169cm
Weight 68kg
Blood Type B
What is your character? Positive, bright
Hobbies Travel, running
former job employee
What about alcohol? I love it.
What about cigarettes? Don't suck
Good play Under study

Comments from the store

Macho [Nobuya-kun], who has attractive brown-burnt smooth skin, is good at blaming experience and technique even though he is a newcomer.The other side of the face, which is different from the serious face, is actually a metamorphosis playboy! ??

He has a clear manly face, a calm personality, and is kind and polite.You can receive the service with confidence!

A word from the therapist

Nice to meet you! !!This is Nobuya!

I like to blame, so if you look at what your customers are feeling, you might blame more!
For that reason, I will continue to improve my technique and do my best! !!
Please tell me anything you're missing! !!
Nobuya Review to
Nov. 2022, 7
I asked him because he didn't think it would make him feel good with anal, but now he wants to try it again.
Nobuya Review to
Nov. 2022, 7
I am good at caring, so I was able to leave myself with peace of mind.
Nobuya Review to
Nov. 2022, 7
I was able to blame my ass and get an erection ^ _ ^

The ejaculation with the last handjob was also pleasant.
Nobuya Review to
Nov. 2022, 7
Thank you very much for your kindness.

It was comfortable.
Nobuya Review to
Nov. 2022, 6
It feels so good that I've been to Tokoroten.

As for the massage in general, I was comfortable both physically and mentally as I was able to hold down the key points while relaxing.

Thank you for your kind and polite response.
Nobuya Review to
Nov. 2022, 5
He made me squid while being impatient.
Nobuya Review to
Nov. 2022, 5
From the relaxation of the body before the massage to the massage, I was able to receive the treatment very relaxedly.
Nobuya Review to
Nov. 2022, 4
It was really nice.
Nobuya Review to
Nov. 2022, 3
I was able to relieve my tension, so I was able to leave it to me with confidence.

It was nice to have it hit the prostate firmly.
Nobuya Review to
Nov. 2022, 1
I was satisfied with the polite response.

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