Takuya (27)


Name Takuya
age 27
height 166cm
Weight 64kg
Blood Type O
What is your character? Bright and positive
Hobbies Travel
former job employee
What about alcohol? I love it.
What about cigarettes? Don't suck

Comments from the store

A serious office worker during the day, and an anal therapist [Takuya-kun] who radiates the eros hidden in us on holidays and at night is a handsome guy who can be seen through a mask.It's exciting to look at it with gentle eyes.

The body is also stylish.The trained body is brought into close contact with the service.I love interacting with people, so I'm good at creating an atmosphere.

You can relax and be satisfied with the erotic play.

A word from the therapist

Nice to meet you. I will do my best to make everyone feel comfortable and comfortable, so thank you.
Takuya-san Review to
Nov. 2023, 1
It was my first time and they were kind to me.
Takuya-san Review to
Nov. 2022, 10
I was very nervous, but the therapist was very kind, so I was relieved.

Since it was my first time, he explained everything carefully.
Takuya-san Review to
Nov. 2022, 10
I was treated very politely.

I was able to receive the treatment without feeling uneasy even for the first time because I was able to proceed while constantly checking whether it hurt.

I was able to enjoy it purely by creating an atmosphere that suits me.It felt great.

Thank you all!
Takuya-san Review to
Nov. 2022, 9
The therapist in charge was kind and handsome.

It was my first time so I didn't understand a lot, but it felt very good.
Takuya-san Review to
Nov. 2022, 7
I was nervous at first, but Takuya's technique was so good that I felt very comfortable.
Takuya-san Review to
Nov. 2022, 4
The treatment was very polite.Thank you very much.
Takuya-san Review to
Nov. 2022, 2
It was the first time for me, so I was wondering what would happen, but I felt it more than I expected.
Takuya-san Review to
Nov. 2021, 11
I used it for the first time, but it was very nice to have a gentle and polite customer service from beginning to end.
Takuya-san Review to
Nov. 2021, 10
It was good to have you serve customers politely.
Takuya-san Review to
Nov. 2021, 10
It was my first time and I was very nervous, but I am glad that I was able to proceed while explaining each one gently and carefully.


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