Haruki (33)


Name Haruki
age 33
height 173cm
Blood Type A
What is your character? 明 る い
Hobbies Road bike
former job Service industry
What about alcohol? Weak
What about cigarettes? Don't suck

Comments from the store

"Haruki-kun," who is bright, serious, curious, and motivated, is a metamorphosis-kun with an atmosphere similar to Keiji Kuroki of EXILE.

His body wearing an adult eros is a well-balanced slim macho. However, the lower body is an osgorilla that has been trained. The ass is pre-prepared and the thigh is plump.

Ask him what he wants you to be happy to see in a man's face! Will answer anything gently!

A word from the therapist

Nice to meet you, Haruki.
I love listening to my voice.
Please enjoy a lot of comfortable time.
Chinese is also OK.
Haruki-san Review to
You taught me how an asshole feels.
Haruki-san Review to
He explained and treated me very carefully.

Thank you all!
Haruki-san Review to
I had the treatment done in a relaxed state.

It was kind and polite.
Haruki-san Review to
The shower together made me feel excited.

Feather touch is exquisite as I like.
Haruki-san Review to
I was nervous when I used it for the first time, but I was greeted with a smile.

I'm glad you taught me various things.
Haruki-san Review to
The atmosphere was friendly and easy to talk to.

It was also good to explain politely and how to attach the speed.
Haruki-san Review to
The tone of the conversation was gentle and friendly, and I liked it.

The treatment was also polite and explained without excess or deficiency, so I was able to relax and suddenly raised my voice on the way.
Haruki-san Review to
The skin was smooth and the gatai was good.

The wording was also polite.
Haruki-san Review to
While listening to this situation, I was able to proceed very carefully.

There was no pain at all.
Haruki-san Review to
Anyway, it was kind, so I was entrusted with peace of mind.
Haruki-san Review to
He gave me very polite advice and I wasn't nervous at all.

I was satisfied with the technique and started to have convulsions at the first time.I am very satisfied.
Haruki-san Review to
polite!Kindness!Very good feeling!

I will go again! !!

Haruki's weekly schedule

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