SHO (28)


Type ・ Athletics system
Name SHO
age 28
height 163cm
Weight 69kg
Blood Type O
What is your character? serious
Hobbies Moving the body
former job employee
What about alcohol? drink
What about cigarettes? Don't suck
Good play Glans torture

Comments from the store

The odious hair on the solid body exudes a manly odor.[Sho-kun] has very gentle eyes and a nice smile, but he is a therapist who is serious, has a low posture, and can provide sincere hospitality.There are many customers who are healed by his polite customer service.

However, the eros hidden inside is considerable.The aspirations of play are endless, and the technology is improving and the number of fans is increasing.We will do our best to provide obedient and thorough service!

A word from the therapist

I will do my best so that even beginners can leave their feelings with peace of mind. Thank you!
Sho-san Review to
Nov. 2021, 10
He blamed me while watching the reaction.

He slowly taught me how to feel good.

He praised me insanely.
Sho-san Review to
Nov. 2020, 9
When I entered the room, I was impressed by the cleanliness of the shop.

During the limited time, I was relieved that I was able to proceed while carefully speaking out.

I was very excited when I was staring at my eyes from the back of my mask.
Sho-san Review to
Nov. 2020, 9
The physical pleasure was beyond my imagination, and I was able to get in touch with a wonderful man named Sho-kun, and I was extremely satisfied both physically and mentally.

This time it was a 60-minute course, but next time I want to challenge a long course!
Sho-san Review to
Nov. 2020, 6
I had you kindly and carefully.

Thanks to the peace of mind, I was able to concentrate.

I feel like I'm gradually waking up to pleasure.
Sho-san Review to
Nov. 2020, 6
You played sincerely from the beginning to the end.

It was my first time to use it, but it was very pleasant.
Sho-san Review to
Nov. 2020, 3
As written, it was very comfortable. There was no burden on my body and I wanted to do ananny even after I returned. Next time I want to try dry.
Sho-san Review to
Nov. 2020, 2
The apartment with the shop was very beautiful and surprised.
Sho-san was very nice. It was very comfortable.
Sho-san Review to
Nov. 2020, 1
I had a good feeling from the first massage, and the unfamiliar prostate was gently done. It didn't hurt, and my sensations gradually became more sensitive and I became more erotic than I expected.
Sho-san Review to
Nov. 2020, 1
The play was so comfortable that it released a lot of patience juice, with the blame given the strength and the blame in erotic words. I was embarrassed to see the figure writhing in so much pleasure, but on the other hand I felt like I wanted to see more from Sho-san and wanted to be more blamed, so I opened my legs and shake my hips.

She has a hairy, whip-like bear-like body, cute eyes and beard, and she is a very type. I was addicted to Sho-san's charms as he became wet when I remember playing with Sho-san. In addition, we want to be nominated! !
Sho-san Review to
Nov. 2019, 11
Prostate blame, glans blame, word blame and gatai were all better than I thought! !

A lot of patience has been washed away with blame like blame and whip of blame and dimension stop! !

It was so nice! ! ! I want to ask again! !

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