Type ・ Athletics system
age 29
height 171cm
Blood Type O
What is your character? Mild
Hobbies Muscle training
former job Office worker
What about alcohol? drink
What about cigarettes? Don't suck
Good play Prostate massage

Comments from the store

Daiichi's videos

Our shop has recently emerged as a platingHope [Daichi] The repeat rate is very highIf you play once, you'll want to meet again.

[Daichi-kun], who has experience in massage, is a gymnasium that is darkly tanned. First of all, when you meet, you will be amazed by the lovely eyes with a slightly lower corner of the eye that can be seen through the hole in the mask. Underneath the mask is a young man with short hair and beard who has a rustic atmosphere. And the body is a super erotic body. Especially the lower body is erotic. P is also big!

The personality and manners are wonderful.In a good way, it feels like an amateur and unfamiliar with Moe Moe (// ∇ //) She has a serious personality and aspirations.[Daichi-kun], who likes to blame men and sympathizes with our concept, has a great eros hidden in his seriousness.Please look forward to [Daichi-kun] who gets excited and changes suddenly during play.

A word from the therapist

I love seeing people who feel better. Relax and sometimes intense! I would be happy if you could be refreshed.
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Daiichi Review to
I was able to do it gradually while talking to me, so I was able to do it without pain.
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It was my first time, but I was able to feel at ease because they were kind and caring!
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I was worried that it was my first prostate massage and that it was masked, but I was asked to proceed with a good atmosphere.

It was unexpected for me that the treatment was polite and tokoroten.
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There was no moment when I always cared for my body and felt it was "hard".
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It was almost my first experience to be able to do something, even if I was a bye, and I was able to experience it for the first time with Daichi's technique.

I was grateful to myself as a beginner.
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It was kind and polite.
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Everything was new to me, but I was able to play without being too nervous.

I also realized that I was a messed up masochist.
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It was the second time I used it, but it was good as expected.

It was very nice that the word blame during the treatment assisted those who felt comfortable.

The correspondence was very polite, but I felt relaxed because it was not formal.
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The way I blamed the prostate was very pleasant.
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I'm glad that you were polite while checking various things.

The whisper was erotic and excited lol
Daiichi Review to
I understood the feeling of sickness.

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