Ken (43)


Type ・ Athletics system
Name Ken
age 43
height 178cm

Comments from the store

KEN video

It is the health of the athletic club Aniki.It looks scary at first glance when wearing a mask, but the erotic atmosphere that you can see the moment you meet.It's just a metamorphosis.

He is also a new coach as a prostate massage expert.We can handle a wide range of people from those who have no experience in anal play to veterans of cats, and we have a lot of experience, so please feel free to entrust yourself.

It has a good reputation for being able to develop properly in one session without any pain.

A word from the therapist

I love to see what men feel.Even if you are usually masculine, please forgive me and let me hear your wonderful yoga voice. If you want to experience [Dry orgasm] and [Tokoroten], why don't you try it with me? M man is also a favorite (* ^ _ ^ *)
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I was nervous because it was my first time, but I had a lot of new experiences.
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He proceeded while confirming my current feelings one by one.
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Ken-san is very kind, so I was able to leave my body with peace of mind.

It was good that he carefully checked whether it hurt or not.

The store was clean and nice.
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Oil massage is always comfortable.
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He explained the steps in an easy-to-understand manner and asked me "Is it okay?"
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It was helpful to explain about the prostate.

For the first time, I was able to experience the feeling of being produced, not the feeling of being stimulated.
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It was my first time to do various things, and I was able to politely teach me this question.

I was happy.
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He helped me out of cleaning and politely accustomed me to playing.

It was raining so he took care of my wet clothes.
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I was able to really enjoy it with all my strength, as I was given accurate advice on the shower that I was not used to, and each time I was given advice that it felt good.

I couldn't believe it was so tokoroten.
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It was very polite, reassuring and relaxing.
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It was exhausting.

My body was getting lighter on my way home.

It was a very polite response.

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