①Course fee

60 minutes / 10,000 yen
90 minutes / 15,000 yen
(Naked free
120 minutes / 20,000 yen
(Naked & shower free
Extended 30 minutes / 5,000 yen

② Other charges

Net nomination / 0 yen
Play room charge / 0 yen
Admission fee / 1000 yenquestionnaireFree to answer
Nomination / 60 minutes / 1,000 yen
~ 120 minutes / 2,000 yen
※ 1
Transportation expenses / see below ※ 2
Remote charge / see below ※ 3

  • Business trip The15000 yen or moreI will accept it. If you want a 60-minute course, you will be charged a 4000 yen pay option.
  • Travel expensesIs within 23Basic 1000 yenis. If it exceeds the round-trip 1000 yen, it will go up in increments of 500 yen.
  • Total price=①Course fee+② Other charges It becomes.
    ※ 1 Nomination feeWill take if you have nominated a therapist who you have partnered with in the past. 60 minutes / 1,000 yen 90 minutes / 1,500 yen 120 minutes / 2,000 yen 150 minutes / 2,500 yen 180 minutes / 3,000 yen
    ※ 2 Transportation costIt takes only for business trips.
  • During business trips that require more than 1 hours to travelRemote chargeWe have received.
    ※ 3 Over one-way 1 hours / 3,000 yenThereafter, it will increase by 30 yen every 1,500 minutes.
  • About cancellation of reservationshopPlease refer to.

3P course fee (discount!)

3P course

3P course

60 minutes / 15,000 yen
90 minutes / 23,000 yen (Naked free
120 minutes / 30,000 yen
(Naked & shower free

New employee training 3P

60 minutes / 12,500 yen
90 minutes / 19,500 yen (Naked free
120 minutes / 25,500 yen
(Naked & shower free

  • 3P courses may not be available for reservations depending on the operating conditions of the therapist.
  • If you want to play naked on the 3P course, it costs 2 for 2,000 people.
  • When using the business trip 3P course, please check yourself whether the therapist 2 people can enter the hotel. A hotel that cannot go up to the room without passing through the front desk cannot use the 3P course.


Sex toys

Free option
Fig enema
Shower enema
Eye mask
Unlimited in time
Lap restraint
Charged option
M sexual feeling play / 2,000 yen
Shower enema assistance / 2,000 yen
Shower companion / 1,000 yen
Naked play / 1,000 yen
Penis band / 1,000 yen
Nipple licking / 1,000 yen
Touch over there / 1,000 yen
Aroma oil massage / 1,000 yen
Bathroom lotion play / 1,000 yen
Rubber band restraint / 1,000 yen
  • Touch over there / Please refrain from anything that may interfere with play, such as touching persistently or violently, so that you cannot concentrate on the passive. Therapist cannot ejaculate
  • Aroma oil massage / Perform in time before and after play. We use high-grade water-based oil to keep the bathroom and room clean
  • Bathroom lotion play / This option can only be used when using naked and shower companion (or shower enema assistance). Use a lotion in the bathroom to wash your body and feel close. Play with mucous membrane contact is not possible
  • Questionnaire benefits / To answer the survey and use the free option for 1000 next time,Please give me the option of the survey privilege free of charge"Please be sure to say" Benefits will not be applied without a voice.

* Please feel free to contact us for any other requests.

About cancellation of reservation

Please refrain from canceling as much as possible. If you cancel, please contact us as soon as possible. In some casescancellation chargePlease check the following as it may occur.

  • If canceled up to 3 hours before the scheduled time / Cancellation fee is free. Please note that cancellations after that time will be charged half the cancellation fee.
  • Canceled after the promised 1 time or without prior notice / Regardless of free / nomination, you will be charged a cancellation fee equal to the total usage fee.
  • Please note that if you cannot confirm the payment of the cancellation fee, you will not be able to use the next time.

Membership system

If you answer the questionnaire within a few days after play, the admission fee is free!

  • Member benefits / You can get our service. Non-members cannot use our shop.
  • Admission fee / membership fee / Admission fee (1,000 yen) Membership fee (free)
  • Join how / Join automatically when using for the first time.
  • expiration date / There is no expiration date.
  • About withdrawal (cancellation) / You can unsubscribe freely by telling your intention to unsubscribe by phone or email.