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The face is irrelevant because it is wearing a mask. Just motivated.

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Recruitment of masked therapists for gay men

A service without the risk of sexually transmitted diseases

Sexually transmitted disease

Our shopProstate massage,Sexual massageIs the main service. Play at risk of sexually transmitted diseases and other services using mouth (e.g.,Back Tachi Uke,Blowjob,sillaginoid,Other lickingIt is safe because there is no action.

Wearing a mask during service! You can work without any appearance

With mask on

Let alone HP photograph,Wearing a mask during customer serviceBecause you will not see your face at allNo worries about acquaintances.

There is substantial training! Advanced techniques

Full training

Prostate massage,Sexual massage,Glans tortureWe will teach you high-level skills that no one can feel like men through solid training. For those who are not confident or inexperiencedLecturer with industry-leading technologyWill kindly and carefully lecture. You can step up without difficulty by remembering while having fun.

High quality service and high demand?

Service worth more than price and overflowing demand

Providing value beyond the priceOur service has a very high reputation from customers,Attracting customers very wellis. There are too many jobs available to the therapists, supported by the overflowing demand.Higher income than other storesI promise.

I'm looking for you

Looking for non-good-looking guys! If you ’re motivated, do n’t worry about your age!

  • Prostate massageinterested in
  • Man squirtingI want to let you
  • Sexual serviceI want to learn technology
  • MenBlame unilaterallyLike
  • I get excited when I see a man feel
  • Outside store dateHealthy without color loveI want to earn
  • Risk of acquaintance barreI want a byte without
  • Hobbies and benefitsI want to earn high income while having fun
  • It looks normal but confident in erotic

Reason for refusal

Reason for refusal

Why aren't you looking for a handsome guy in our shop?

During our customer serviceCovering the maskI will do the service. Therefore how muchEven if your face is right, it wo n’t appeal..

Furthermore, to the boy who self-evaluates himself as a handsomeThere is no true twinkI think. The true handsome is modestit is normal"And willEfforts to improve selfI will not neglect. That kind of thinking boySerious and welcoming customer serviceCan you do that?

Not suitable for you

Such you can not work in our shop. I refuse

  • Want to get high income quickly
  • I don't want to blame men for work
  • Learning sexual service skills is not useful in real life
  • I'm shy and don't like customer service
  • Sex is pale. No frustration
  • I will make money in a short period of time and quit immediately
  • I absolutely hate even a little dirty dirt
  • I want to sell myself as high as possible.
  • I am confident only in appearance

Service contents

Play contents with a maniac taste

Service details of "Prostate Massage Hall"

  • It may seem difficult for beginners,Surprisingly easyで す
  • Because everyone reacts very honestly,The point of the opponent is easy to understandで す
  • "Erogenous, prostate, glans blame" If you master these 3,Earn stable for a long time
  • Customer pleasure and satisfactionIs not a ratio of uri massage and gay massage.
  • Until you feel confidentNew employee training 3P courseCan serve customers while learning with veteran seniors

Prohibited play at our shop

❌ Oral sex such as blowjob and anal licking

❌ Kiss and touch from relentless customers

❌ Take off your mask and show your face

❌ Private invitation

❌ Blow, licking, etc. from customers

❌ Legal drugs, herbs, etc.

About income

About income

Remuneration amount

60 minutes / 5,000 yen
90 minutes / 8,000 yen
120 minutes / 11,000 yen
Extended 30 minutes / 2,500 yen

Option back

Shower enema assistance / 2 thousand yen
Shower companion / 1,000 yen
Naked play / 1,000 yen
Licking chin / 1,000 yen
Touch over there / 1,000 yen
Aromatherapy / 1,000 yen
Bathroom lotion / 1,000 yen
M sexual feeling play / 2,000 yen
Penis band / 1,000 yen
Travel expenses / full back
Distant back / Full back

Real nomination back

60 minutes / 1,000 yen
90 minutes / 1,500 yen
120 minutes / 2,000 yen
150 minutes / 2,500 yen
180 minutes / 3,000 yen

  • Full day payment. There is nothing to be deducted from the reward
  • High price book nomination bag. As the course time increases, the designated bag also increases.
  • Options are basically full back.Rubberband restraints are exceptionally zero back due to their cost.

High income secret

High demand to support high income

Prostate massageNiche GenreHowever, there are so many enthusiasts, and today, all over the world are enjoying so many, regardless of gay / non-ke.

In our shopExperts with prostate massage history over 15 yearsAll the therapistsUnsurprisingly high-level serviceBy providingVery stable customer acquisitionIs possible.

Not just technology,The spirit of hospitalityBy maintaining a high level of customer service with an emphasis onI want to go again and againI aim to make a shop.

Open memorial benefits

In commemoration of the opening of the store, the following benefits will be provided to those who apply for and apply for the current period.

Free masking
Free masking

We will provide you with the required number of masks that will be worn during customer service.

Gym support
Fitness gym membership fee support

We support membership fees for fitness gyms for those who can work regularly

Standby guarantee
Standby guarantee

We will pay the minimum daily wage guarantee to those who can wait in the area that can come to Ueno early.

About work location

Information on private room use

  • Play roomUeno walk 2 minutesThis is an apartment
  • JR Ueno Station / Asakusa ExitImmediately, it is not a busy area, but a place with a calm atmosphere with office buildings and condominiums
  • By appointment onlySo you can wait at home or in a relatively early place in Tokyo until you make a reservation


  • Qualifications / From 20 to 40 years old inexperienced welcome

  • How to Apply / From the application form / Telephone application is not possible

  • Industry / Prostate and erotic massage / Gay customs

  • Location / Play room in Ueno or business trip in Tokyo

  • Work day / Completely free attendance system (You can freely decide your preferred time)

  • Working hours / The time that is convenient for you between 11 and 24

  • Business hours / From 11 to 24

  • Waiting place / Please be free in your favorite place while waiting. You can stay at home or at a gym or net cafe.

  • Compensation and income / Hourly salary 5,000 yen or more Daily salary 3 10,000 yen or more is possible See table

  • Rewards / Remarks / High price book nomination bag & option bag available See table

  • Treatment / Transportation fee full back, distant charge full back,

  • Treatment 2 / Extensive training Pricing, complete manual, masking, gym membership fee support

We look forward to your application