User guide

Before use

We are reservation only.

Our shop is completely reserved

BeforehandReservation formOrCallPlease make a reservation from Without reservation(I.e.In many cases, even if you call from, we will not be able to guide you immediately.When you nominate, be sure to click on the top page [Who's available now?] And [Work SchedulePlease check the therapists who are accepting reservations.

Private rooms are 1-2 minutes on foot from JR Ueno Station / Iriya Exit

Even if it is near the station, it is not a busy area.Quiet apartment, office areaTherefore, it is the best to use with shinobi.

Leave yourself to the therapist and become a tuna

Our basic concept isCustomer is passiveIt is a style that will become. To the therapistTouch modestlyThen immerse yourself in the pleasure.

How to use

When using a private room

Information on private room use

Who's available now?] And [Work ScheduleAfter confirming]Reservation formOrCallPlease make a reservation from

② Iriya Exit of Ueno StationorYoyogi Station West ExitNearbySpecified locationPlease come to.

Directions to Ueno Private Room
Directions to Yoyogi Private Room

The therapist will respond when you press the entrance intercom.

4 The service starts when you arrive at your room. Please enjoy slowly until your time.

For a business trip course

Business trip course guide

Our shop is only available for hotel business trips.

Who's available now?] And [Work ScheduleAfter confirming]Reservation formOrCallPlease make a reservation from

in advanceBusiness hotel name and room numberPlease be sure to wait in your room at the time of your appointment.

When the therapist visits,Mask, hat, sunglassesWe are wearing Please note.

4 The therapistCoveringService will be started. Please enjoy slowly until your time.

Love hotel or business hotelPlease check beforehand if you can call the therapist. If you took a single room at a business hotel,Can you call a massage?I hope you can hear me. " Even if the therapist cannot enter the room,Full amount will be chargedPlease understand.

About reservation

About reservation

  • Reservation1 week agoAvailable from I have met once [Nomination]Working day requestAlso available.
  • When making a reservationCellphone numberPlease let me know.Reservation formOrCallPlease make a reservation at.

About cancellation of reservation

Please refrain from canceling as much as possible. If you cancel, please contact us as soon as possible. In some casescancellation chargePlease check the following as it may occur.

  • If canceled up to 3 hours before the scheduled time / Cancellation fee is free. Please note that cancellations after that time will be charged half the cancellation fee.
  • Canceled after the promised 1 time or without prior notice / Regardless of free / nomination, you will be charged a cancellation fee equal to the total usage fee.
  • Please note that if you cannot confirm the payment of the cancellation fee, you will not be able to use the next time.

Precautions and prohibitions

If you fall under any of the following, the service will be suspended before or during use. No refund will be given even if the service is interrupted.

  • Those who have a relentless touch on the therapist and interfere with the spine
  • Those who lack significant respect for therapists
  • Forcing the therapist to not
  • Person related to gangsters or equivalent
  • Legal / illegal drug or drug abuser
  • Those with or suspected of having a sexually transmitted disease
  • Those who are shooting, recording, or eavesdropping on devices such as cameras and recorders
  • Unclean people, those who do not take a shower before playing
  • Those who infringe the therapist's privacy or stalking
  • Private invitation or scouting
  • Those who are determined to be drunk
  • Others that our shop deems inappropriate


  • When taking a single room at the hotelPlease check beforehand if you can call the therapist. "Can you call a massage?Please ask the front desk. Please note that the full fee will be charged even if the therapist fails to enter the room.
  • The course time determined at the time of booking cannot be changed shortly after the service starts. The extension depends on the reservation status, so please ask your therapist.
  • You may be required to pay the full usage fee for malicious cancellations or mischievous bookings that may interfere with business.