For Foreign Customers

Welcome to “Prostate's Den Tokyo”

We provide “Prostate massage” and “Sexual feeling body massage” for Gay.

You can experience Fantastic & Maniac sexual service that you've been dreaming. You can cum while having prostate massage. Or do you want to experience “Dry orgasm"Or"Prostatic polution with hands free"? YES YOU CAN !!!!!  Please don't suppress your moan of pleasure!

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Our service

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Pricing & System



1) Basis rate

60min / ¥ 12,000
90min / ¥ 17,000
(Naked, Touching penis, Shower room play
120min / ¥ 22,000
(Naked, Touching penis, Shower room play, Lube play
30min extension / ¥5,000

2) Extra fee

Web Nomination fee / Free
Play room / Free
Nomination fee for patron / 60min ¥ 1,000
Nomination fee for patron / 90min ¥ 1,500
Nomination fee for patron / 120min ¥ 2,000
Transportation fee / ¥1,000 or more / 23words of Tokyo


option price

Free option
Enema clyster
Shower Enema
Eye Mask
Cum more than twice
Wrap Restraint
adult toys
electric massager
Fetish Dominance Play / ¥ 2,000
Shower enema assistance / ¥ 2,000
Shower companion / ¥ 1,000
(90min / free)
lotion play in bathroom / ¥ 1,000
(120min / free)
Aromatherapy / ¥ 1,000
Bondage tape restraint / ¥ 1,000
Dildo & Harness / ¥ 2,000

If you have any questions or need any recommendations, please do not hesitate to ask.

3some play

3some play

Regular 3some play

60min / ¥ 19,000
90min / ¥ 26,000
120min / ¥ 33,000
(Naked & Shower companion free

  • Check the work schedule before having your reservation.
  • Basically, 3some is available in our play room.

Cancellation of reservation

No cancel Please

Please refrain from cancelling of reservation.

  • If you cancel in 3hours before your reservation, We need to charge you 50% of the total price as cancellation fee.
  • If you cancel in 1hour before of your reservation, we need to charge you the full amount of the total price as cancellation fee.
  • If you don't pay the cancellation fee, we can not have your reservation anymore.

Play room

Please come to the given place near IRIYA exit at UENO stationand call document or give us message. Then we will guide you to our place.

Important Notes

Prohibited matter

We strictly prohibit the following acts.If you do these action, therapist will stop the session and let you out of the room immediately.

Sex / Sexual intercourse / Drug use / Sneak photography / Sound recording / Force / compel

Uninvited guests

We refuse your use if you're corresponded to the following

Drug user / Drank / Venereal disease / Dirty men who never wash / Illegal entrant / Non obedient



No we only provide light fetish play such as Humiliation, Blindfold & Handcuffs, binding.

No we don't provide anal sex / oral sex, even kiss.

Yes, our play room is super clean.We also sanitize all equipments and toys after use.

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