About our new corona measures

New Coronavirus Countermeasures

Shaking the worldNew Coronavirus ・ COVID-19However, our shop is also greatly affected.

For services like ours,Convenience store,RestaurantsAlthough the risk is still low when compared with industries that contact a large number of unspecified customers, I think that there will be some apprehension because they will be in close contact with customers.

In order to have everyone use it with a little peace of mind,We will take thorough measures with all staff and therapists. In the midst of a self-restraint mood, it is still difficult to halt commercial activities. I think many people are worried, but the following[Measures to prevent the spread of our infection]Please look at and consider using it by all means.

1) Thorough hand washing: Not only the therapist but also the customer will cooperate in thorough hand washing
2) Thorough disinfection: Thoroughly disinfect what the customer touches at the end of each service
3) Devising the position: In order to prevent infection by droplets, we will try to avoid supine and face-to-face operations as much as possible.
4) Use of mask: If you are worried, please contact the therapist and the therapist will wear a mask on your mouth during the reception
5) Providing a mask: All visitorsI'll give you one mask
6) Nipple licking: We have already banned nipple licking since early February

For opinions and questionsThis inquiry formThank you for your submission. We would like to have various opinions on our measures, but we look forward to your understanding and cooperation.