In addition to nipple licking, 4 options have increased! To accompany the prostate

Some new ones that have received a lot of requests from customers or have been well-received by testing.New optionPlease try it as it has been added.

Charged option
Dominant & Submissive / 2,000 yen
Shower enema assistance / 2,000 yen
Shower companion / 1,000 yen
Naked play / 1,000 yen
Penis band / 1,000 yen
Nipple lickingNew / 1,000 yen
Touching therapist's penisNew / 1,000 yen
Aroma oil massageNew / 1,000 yen
Bathroom lotion playNew / 1,000 yen
Rubber band restraint / 1,000 yen
  • Touching therapist's penis / Please refrain from anything that may interfere with play, such as touching persistently or violently, so that you cannot concentrate on the passive. Therapist cannot ejaculate
  • Aroma oil massage / Perform in time before and after play. We use high-grade water-based oil to keep the bathroom and room clean
  • Bathroom lotion play / This option can only be used when using naked and shower companion (or shower enema assistance). Use a lotion in the bathroom to wash your body and feel close. Play with mucous membrane contact is not possible
  • Questionnaire benefits / To answer the survey and use the free option for 1000 next time,Please give me the option of the survey privilege free of charge"Please be sure to say" Benefits will not be applied without a voice.

Questionnaire after playIf you answerNext 1000 yen option is freeThere are also benefits to become, so please use that as well