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About the therapist

Everyone is a very good youth (^ ^) It is regrettable that you can not see your face by wearing a mask, but surprisingly it is a male corps. It feels like wow after taking off the mask. (Never take off)

The standard for hiring our shop is "Erotic serious!" A light-hearted handsome guy is not a call!

The answer is no. It is forbidden to contact the therapist personally or exchange contacts. Please note that if discovered, you will not be able to use it in the future.


No we only provide light fetish play such as Humiliation, Blindfold & Handcuffs, binding.

No we don't provide anal sex / oral sex, even kiss.

Yes, our play room is super clean.We also sanitize all equipments and toys after use.

About the body

The first person seems to feel strange when putting a finger in anal. There are many people who feel urine because it stimulates the urethra in anal, but in most cases urine does not leak. If urine leaks, it ’s not urine,Man squirting"Is almost the case. In either case, not only urine will be accompanied by intense and mysterious pleasure.

Some people may feel a bit of a dull pain at first when stimulating a place in the anal near the prostate. However, if you step on the number of places, it will surely be overcome and will change into a strong pleasure. Of course I felt a strong pleasure from the beginningDry orgasm,Prostatic pollution with hands freeThere are many people who do.

The pleasure of prostate stimulation is like piercing the brainElectric shock-like pleasureI think it can be said. Unlike the pleasure that stimulates the penis, the waves of great pleasure rush over and over, never reaching the finish of ejaculation. that is【Dry orgasm】is. I think it's a woman's close sense.

Apart from that [Prostatic pollution with hands freeThere is also an orgasm. It is a phenomenon in which ejaculation is forced by the stimulation of the anal, and even if the therapist does not intend, it is caused by the structure of the recipient's body and the sensitivity in the anal. Because it ejaculates suddenly without any warning, it is difficult to avoid it by stopping. There is no doubt that it is far more comfortable than ejaculation with stimulation of normal penis, but it is difficult to greet waves of pleasure many times like dry orgasm, and after ejaculation it can enter `` sage time '' as well There are many.

When that happens, please go to the bathroom without being shy. You don't need to worry or worry about it to make you feel comfortable enough to be empty. Since the convenience is a physiological phenomenon, the therapist doesn't care at all.

Some people can get dry orgasm suddenly from the first time, while others can't get it unless they go many times. I can only say that there are individual differences. However, since the prostate will always be developed little by little every time, the pleasure should definitely improve compared to the previous time. Even if you feel dull pain in the middle of the last time, or the back of the anal becomes difficult, the next time you try, the comfort should be much different from the previous time. As you repeat it, you will get a sense of dry orgasm.

About the store

Instead of choosing or judging the therapist by face or appearance alone, we would like to throw away all fixed concepts and concentrate on playing. I like this kind of face, how many years I like, Johnny's, good man smelling, etc. I can't meet the ideal super technician who feels good with the prostate! Without worrying too much, I intend to employ young people who are clean and have good body and soul. I will never let you down!

Of course, even straight people are welcome. Our therapists will blame super erotic like other customers, but please do not hesitate if you have no courage to jump into the erotic erotic gay world. Please be assured that we will never force or force you to hate you.

House. There is a facility for shower enema in the private bathroom, so you can come without preparing anything. If you have no bowel movements or are worried about coming out, please be assured that fig enema is also available.

Of course it is possible! It is used by many elderly customers. Anal development can be started regardless of age and you can get a strong pleasure.

Anal pleasure can be obtained even for those who have difficulty in erection due to age, and there is data that prostate massage is also effective in improving erectile dysfunction.

Please be assured that your body will be treated comfortably.

It is widely used from 20s to 70s. There is no age limit for anal prostate development. You can get strong pleasure at any age.

About play

Regarding the squirting of a man, the part which depends on honest constitution is large. No matter how skilled the therapist is, it is difficult to blow the tide unless the receiving male has a constitution that makes it easy to squirt. Although it is possible to take it to the point of “Let's squirt!”, I think that it is necessary to have the talent of the recipient to actually play from there.

There is compatibility with your anal's condition, degree of development, and therapist, so there is no guarantee that you will get dry orgasm. However, if you leave it to a skilled therapist, the probability of dry orgasm will increase.

Please rest assured that it will lead to a pleasant feeling according to your level. The therapist will never be alone, and will always play to fulfill the customer's request.

They are not included in our play content. "Prostate massage"Or"Glans tortureIn order to fully enjoy the pleasures of “,” we decided that these types of oral sex are in the way.

Yes, please tell us what you want at the time of booking. I will do as much as possible. However, if it is determined that it is out of the normal play range,M erotic option 2000 yen""

Please be assured. Hose for shower enema is installed in the private shower room. The therapist will explain how to use it.

If you are unsure whether you can do it yourself, there is an optional shower enema assist service, and your therapist will help you to inject hot water, so please do not hesitate to order.

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