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The contents of this site include adult images. Please enter only males over 20 who understand gay. Others cannot view this site, so please use the browser's back button to leave.

[Prostate Hall] conceptAnd

The concept of [Prostate's Den] can be obtained for homosexual gay men by having a gay, bisexual or straight masked therapist massage their prostate with their fingers and massage their prostate It is to heal by deep pleasure that cannot be done. With anal development that can be said to be the ultimate in relaxation for men and prostate massage, you will challenge dry orgasm, Prostatic pollution with hands free, and squirting of men. There are also powdery massages and glans tortures, so please soak yourself in a pleasant sensation.

Prostate massageAnd

Prostate massage is essentially a medical practice and has been done to detect prostate enlargement and prostate cancer. However, in recent years, it is overwhelmingly performed as a part of relaxation among enthusiasts seeking pleasure. It means getting pleasure by putting a finger in the male anal and massaging around the prostate. Pleasant feeling is obtained without stimulating the penis, and it is suitable for men with premature ejaculation or late ejaculation. It is a popular trend around the customs industry as a joyful act not only among gay men but also women. The pleasure that can be gained from prostate massage is said to be 10 and 100 times more comfortable than ejaculation, and a man who dreams of dry orgasm and Prostatic pollution with hands free has a hard time developing anal.

Glans tortureAnd

The glans torture is to continue to blame for a long time while controlling to avoid ejaculation by concentrating and stimulating only the other man's glans with hands and other tools (pantyhose, gauze, sex toys, etc.) say. The variety of how to attack with the full use of the palms and fingertips of both hands is infinite. Do not stick to a single attack, sometimes intense so as not to get tired of stimulation, sometimes continue to blame at a slow tempo, the glans especially in the vicinity of the entrance to the urethra become ugly, pee is likely to leak or the whole body becomes stiff You can get numbness and a pleasant feeling similar to the floating feeling that you can't taste with normal irritation.

Dry orgasmAnd

Dry orgasm is the stimulation of the prostate to reach the climax of pleasure without ejaculation. The long-lasting pleasure that can't be obtained with normal ejaculation creates a gentle wave resembling female orgasm. There is no need to stimulate the male genitals, and only the stimulation to the anal prostate can reach the climax, and the climax continues for a long time without experiencing a sense of emptiness and weakness after ejaculation (commonly known sage time). Or there is a big merit that you can climax many times.

Prostatic pollution with hands freeAnd

Prostatic pollution with hands free, however, means that the sperm in the seminal vesicles is forced out and ejaculated by stimulating the seminal vesicles and sex ducts located in the back of the anal during prostate massage. Unlike dry orgasm, it is a pleasant sensation similar to normal ejaculation, so it may enter the sage time, but unlike normal ejaculation, it does not stimulate the penis, so it recovers quickly or immediately The advantage is that you can enter the 2 round.

Man squirtingAnd

A man's squirting refers to hydration before the ammonia is collected in the bladder by irritating the glans of a male genitalia or by stimulating a part close to the bladder or ureter by placing a finger in the anal (commonly Is called tide.) Is forced to erupt like a pee from a male genitalia. Female squirting is famous for adult videos, but it is common sense among gay men that men also squirt. However, men who can play the tide are not something that can be achieved through training and development, so they are greatly influenced by their natural qualities, and men who play the tide can be said to be valuable. However, men who want to blow the tide do not stand behind and challenge every day, but it can be said that the path is steep. However, if there is a therapist who can guide squirting correctly, the possibility is high.

Powder sensation massageAnd

Powder sensation massage means healing the whole body with tickling massage with feather touch using baby powder or massage powder. Using the fingers of 10 in both hands, use the tip of the toe, the entire palm, and sometimes even the inside of the arm, touching or not touching with a bare touch. It may be tickling at first, but as time goes on, it becomes more pleasant, and you can get a feeling of pleasure that makes your whole body numb and writhing.

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